Issaquah Special Education PTSA 2.6.13

Building community, empowering families, advocating for students

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Our membership is open for the 2022-2023 school year!

Join here or through the school district’s EVP process.

About Our Membership

Our yearly membership fee is $25.00 and covers PTA council, state and national dues, with the remaining membership fee covering the organizational costs to running a PTSA and non profit.


Donations are Greatly Appreciated!

Because we want our PTSA to be focused on our mission of building community, empowering families, advocating for change, we hope to limit our time on fundraising.


But that does not mean that we do not have a need! Donations are gladly accepted and appreciated, and will help us remain focused on our core work. You may add a donation to your membership fee when joining or donate at any time. 

Why Join?

While there are around 2,000 students and their families who access special education in ISD, it can be difficult to be able to know each other across our 26 schools. By joining our PTSA you join with other special education families who can learn from each other, share resources and advocate for the needs of special education students.


Join your school PTSA organization too!

Please also join your school’s PTSA organization! While we are both PTSAs, each organization has slightly different missions and programs. BOTH are important in the lives of our students, teachers and families.

We offer scholarships to those in need

We want there to be no barrier to joining our PTSA. If paying for a membership is a burden please email us at:

This information will be kept confidential.